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Here im going to make another personal review about a rumor of a possible creation of the External UMD Reader from Logitech for the PSP Go!
I don't know if any of you already know about this rumor but ther's a rumor about Logitech is going to create or has created an external umd reader for the PSP Go!, if that's true than great, people that has UMD's can use them again or people that like to go to a store instead of buying from PlaystationNetwork Store can do that.
Some of the bad things about it is that, it won't be that portable so if u wanna use PSP for gaming or movies using UMD's then the previous PSP's such as 1004, 2004 and 3004 versions are better and recomended.
The good things about it is that if you wanna use you're PSP today just to listen to music then you don't need to travel with you're PSP External UMD Reader and just leave him at home.
Some things i whas thinking about they could do with the external umd reader is that, if it's a multiplayer game then you could use the bluetooth connection of the external umd reader so that your friend that don't have that game can play with you through that. That would be a pretty awesome feature of the External UMD Reader, hope they think about that.

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