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Desktop Table Defense




Games powered by MiniJuegos and NextPlay:

Berzerk Ball
Teach the NERD a lesson throwing him far away and win cash and exp with it to buy better weapons on the shop and throw him even more far away.
Playing with Fire 2
A game that reminds of Bomberman, move using directional keys and place bombs using spacebar. Game for one or two players.
Ninja Ball
Drive this ninja ball trough the worlds and collect all stars.
Magnum Force 10
Escape the bullets of your enemies using your bike. Use the space bar to jump at the right time.
Thunder Devils
Choose between a guy or a girl with super powers and blast your way trough waves of enemies.
Street Fighter 2
Win your way to the top and become the ultimate Street Fighter Champion.
Penguin Destroyer
Throw grenades and blow up all penguins and collect all stars.
Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition
An elf got hurt, in Santa Claus house and hurt another elfs too. Save theyr lifes using some strange tools in time.
World of Confusion
With your mouse draw lines, make obstacles or bridges to guide your troops and take money to safety.
Allways Updating with more to come ...