The Station
The first question is, what were they thinking ?
Personally i have tried it before when it was in beta and i hate it now as i did before.
The interface looks attractive but not very functional, reminds me of windows phone 7 or something but worst, the facebook and twitter "expansion" looks great and personally i have nothing bad to say about that, but the messenger kinda got worst, i couldnt even see how to block someone and the video-calling even though its HD, why isn't separate as it whas before ? why my webcam need to be inside the other person webcam window ?
Maybe for someone that keeps using it will get used to it but for someone who has just upgraded for the new msn version, the first thing they'll think is "forget it i am going back to 2009 version" and that's what me and most of my friend did.

So it's now your time to tell me, what's your opinion or complains about WLM 2011 and what would you change ?
WLM 2011 preview



time. Oh no, this time I'm in it for real. In fact, I've already given away two huge bags of stuff (clothes, shoes, soccer bags, sheets, household items) to salvation army!! So my mission this weekend is to simplify our lives, and not keep anything I haven't


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