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Hi guys, as you can see in the topic i'm going to make my review of the PSP Go, a portable console from Sony Playstation.
Couple months after the release of the Playstation Portable 3004 (aka PSP 3004), there was the release of the Playstation Go! (aka PSP Go!).
The more portable playstation, it has some better upgrades but in my opinion some pretty bad ones too.
-Starting from the good one's ther's bluetooth capability, 16gb internal memory and it's smaller and lighter than the previous PSP 3004.
-Now going to the bad one's that they made to the PSP Go! thers the no umd reader.

Even that ther's only 1 bad upgrade that i wrote there, ther's other bad thing's, if you wanna have a more expensive portable psp and you haven't bought no UMD's then the PSP Go! it's perfect for you, but if you have spent some money on buying UMD's such as psp games and movies, and you don't trust virtual stores such as PlaystationNetwork Store then buy one of the previous PSP's.

The graphic's, some of you say that PSP Go! has better graphics than the PSP 3004, but from my personal experience i must say you're wrong, they the same.
The gameplay i must say that it got worst, some people that had at least one of the previous PSP's were used to the distance of the keys but now they'r closer and some people think that it get's even more unconfortable than the previouse PSP's.

Here i finish my personal review, any question or opinion that you have about the PSP Go! be sure to comment it in the comments section.

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