The Station
Some of you that have the psp, at least the 3004, you may have received a sticker to stick on the front of your psp, if you dont know what im talking about its ok cause ill post a picture of it, if you ever asked yourself how it would look like then i have your answer right here, tell me what you think about it.

Some people say it's better to buy Sony's memory cards and i must say that personally    i advice you all too, i have a psp 3004, original FW (firmware) and fully updated, and i can't download stuff from PlayStation Network or put some demos or media onto my psp cause it says it dosen't find the Memory Card, so if you guys are asking what Memory Card to buy for your PSP i advice you to buy the one's from Sony cause looking at the price its pretty affordable.


Here im gonna post some consoles hardware, software and games good and bad things.
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